Suppliers and the BMW Group build a strong team. Understanding excellence together will bring success for both parties. We are convinced that excellence means an interplay of quality, innovation and sustainability.

Your way to achieve this competitive advantage: First-hand qualifications will bring more know-how for you and your employees! That’s why we at the BMW Group offer easy access to BMW Group specific qualifications. Our portal helps to understand and implement the requirements.


Let´s raise the bar for quality to the next level.

11 gute Gründe für Lieferanten, BMW-spezifische Qualifikationen zu verwenden

11 compelling reasons for suppliers to use BMW Group specific qualifications:

  1. Boost efficiency and quality proactively
  2. Meet the ever-increasing market requirements
  3. Get a better understanding of the public and their desires
  4. Develop a strong quality mindset among your employees and partners
  5. Gain a better understanding of quality and sustainability at BMW
  6. Secure a long-term partnership with BMW
  7. Gain new knowledge about the latest methods, systems, and processes
  8. Enhance employee satisfaction
  9. Help shape qualifications to meet the changing market demands
  10. Secure a competitive edge in your industry
  11. Qualification guarantees enhanced collaboration, leading to future success
11 compelling reasons for suppliers to use BMW-specific qualifications

BMW’s principle is “quality that inspires”.

You can integrate this vision into your company with BMW Group specific qualifications.

BMW’s principle is “quality that inspires”.

You can integrate this vision into your company with BMW Group specific qualifications.

The new Partner Academy
is tailored to your needs.

Your new Partner Academy
is tailored to your needs.

Registration? Done in minutes!

Our process is simple and quick.

Applicable worldwide

International sites? All can participate via one portal.

Easily accessible

Quickly find relevant qualifications or use referrals.

Transparent Monitoring

Use the dashboard and check your employee’s qualification progress.

Assignable Roles

Determine who can assign and book courses.

Modern billing

State-of-the-art B2B billing for your needs.

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Learning Path

Course Categories


Any official BMW Group supplier can apply for access and join the new Partner Academy training platform. To do so, you only need to register your company with your current supplier number and once validated, you will receive your access to register for the courses you are interested in.

The launch of the new platform will take place at the beginning of Q3 2023. All BMW Group suppliers will shortly receive a communication informing them of the launch date. Please note that the current training platform will be switched off a few days before and from that date onwards, all course registrations will be done via the new Partner Academy platform.

To receive information about all the latest news from Partner Academy or to request specific courses adapted to your needs please, fill in the attached form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Depending on its needs, a company can request additional master admins via with the necessary data (surname, first name, email address).


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